What is Bustrak and How Does it Work?

The Bustrak app aims to simplify the bus process for families and schools. With Bustrak, parents can ensure their children get to school safely, and schools can seamlessly manage their bus routes.

How does Bustrak work?

Bustrak’s key features make the app simple for parents and schools to navigate. Downloading and setting up the app only takes a few minutes, so parents can quickly get back to what matters most.

Live Map View

One of Bustrak’s main features is the Live Map view, which allows parents and school administrators to track the bus location and see accurate ETA predictions for each stop and the final arrival.

Route History

Bustrak’s Route History feature allows users to see previous bus route sessions. For example, using Route History, parents can see the exact time their child got home yesterday. Route History allows school administrators to verify when buses arrive, clearing any confusion about attendance. School administrators can use Route Replay to check the exact route the bus took on a specific day. 

ETA Notifications

One of Bustrak’s most useful features is ETA notifications. We know firsthand that parents are busy! ETA notifications allow parents to stay on top of their child’s bus schedule without opening the app. Using push notifications, parents receive an alert when the bus is 10 and 15 minutes away. The bus’s ETA is adjusted based on traffic conditions and stops remaining, so you always receive accurate, timely notifications.


With Bustrak’s Dashboard, administrators can easily access all the information they need. From the Dashboard, they can access all of Bustrak’s features, such as the route list, start time, live view, bus status, and route history. When the bus is active, the dashboard will display the Live Map view and an early, late, and on-time indicator.

For parents with the app, the Bustrak Dashboard will always show the most relevant information, including if their bus route is currently running or its scheduled arrival time.

line of school buses that speaks to the benefits of Bustrak

Why is Bustrak great for parents?

Bustrak provides peace of mind to parents by simplifying busy morning routines. Parents don’t have to fear their child missing the bus because they can check the bus’s location and see the ETA at their stop. Parents can also check the arrival time of their child’s bus at school or home.

Bustrak’s accurate, timely ETA notifications mean less time spent waiting outside on cold winter mornings! At a glance, parents can see if the bus is early, on time, or late using the Bustrak app.

Through live route tracking and route history features, Bustrak eases parents’ worries over their child’s transportation.

Bustrak also makes it easy for parents to notify the bus driver when their child won’t be riding the bus. Parents can select in the app if their child will not be riding the bus in the AM or PM, without calling the school or bus company. Bustrak’s user-friendly design means parents are more likely to remember to notify the bus driver if their child will not be riding the bus. Timely communication between parents, schools, and bus drivers prevents unnecessary delays.

a child hopping on a bus that helps visually show the benefits of Bustrak for parents

How does Bustrak help schools manage bus routes?

Bustrak simplifies multi-way communication between parents, schools, and bus drivers with one easy-to-use app. Bustrak allows schools to manage multiple bus routes and communicate with bus drivers.

School administrators can easily create AM and PM routes using Bustrak’s customizable stop order. With just one click, a route can be duplicated into a reverse order to create a PM route. The map preview displays each stop on the map to help visualize the whole route. 

Bustrak also provides helpful information for bus drivers that makes their jobs simpler. 

With Bustrak’s ETA feature, bus drivers can easily ensure they’re running on schedule. When parents select that their child will not be riding the bus, the route automatically updates and reroutes. Turn-by-turn directions ensure bus drivers won’t miss stops. Bustrak’s precise routing means no lengthy detours caused by wrong turns.

By providing families peace of mind, Bustrak improves communication between parents and schools, increasing trust and strengthening relationships. Bustrak’s accurate information empowers schools to manage their bus routes effectively, ensuring children’s safety remains a top priority.

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