An app built
on experience

Meet Rob & Harry,

After selling their child care software company,
Rob and Harry have put their knowledge
and experience to use building an
easy-to-use school bus tracking app.

OUR Vision

OUR Vision

We have big plans

Through hard work, emphasis on customer service, and YOUR feedback we are working hard to ensure that no one is ever waiting for the bus again.

OUR Mission


Making your life easier

We aim to make life easier for bus companies, schools, and parents through an intuitive bus tracking app. We strive to convenience YOU, as we build out and add features.


Rob Cofounder

With almost 20 yrs of software industry experience, Rob’s strengths are in software business strategy, marketing and product sales. His understanding of consumers and their needs in the digital world helps him contribute to brand direction, product quality and ease-of-use.

With six kids in two different schools Rob & his wife Ashley understand the day-to-day challenges of making sure all the kids make it to the bus stop in the morning and are picked up on time in the afternoon.

MEET Harry

With 15 yrs of development experience and 10 yrs of leadership on development teams, Harry’s top priority is to ensure the functionality of a software product or app reaches the purest form of simplicity. Harry insists on having the most intuitive and user friendly platforms when directing product development.

Being a husband and father of 4, he is no stranger to busy mornings, school bus routes, and bus stops.

Harry Cofounder

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